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What do you want from Haruka-senpai? What will it take to satisfy you?

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sailors dokrs (ノ ´  ་། ` )ノ - (Rei, Rin & Haru)
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So … I was watching the last Free! Eternal Summer episode again and I couldn’t help but notice how rei’s actions not only surprised everyone but specifically haruka and his view in self effort

first we can see how haruka tells rei that he doesn’t have to push himself to learn how to swim others strokesimage

he says that being able to swim only one stroke is enough

and maybe that’s true …. for haruka

Because haru is such a talented swimmer that he chooses to swim only freestyle and he is comfortable with it
…but rei has never been talented at swimming.

In season one he struggled so much to learn how to swim properly and at the end he was only able to learn how to swim butterfly

but to rei it isn’t enough now. He wants to do his best  to be at the same level as his teammates and he can’t do it swiming only one stroke. He feels frustrated because he can’t do it no matter how many books he reads.

In season one he was able to swim after talking with haruka
He realized that he wasn’t so different from him (when haru told him he wasn’t free either on episode 4)


but now he doesn’t feel the same way as haruka (swimming only one stroke)

So there’s only one person that can help him and that’s rin. Because rin is one of the persons who can understand rei very well in this kind of situation and that’s because rin was never a prodigy like haru. The great swimer he is now is all thanks to his hard work and incredible efforts.

He even says that is incredible (for a person like rei who has zero innate talent) to keep trying so hard.image


They understand each other so well because both of them had worked hard to be the great swimmers they are now

and rin knows he isn’t doing this just for himself but also to surprise his teammates.image

and is in this moment while haruka is wathching them that  we can see in his eyes that he is really moved!

he realizes now that people like rei and rin have to work hard and make great efforts to do what they most want 

I’m not sayin that haru doesn’t makes efforts too (he is even running now to improve his times) I’m talking about his view in self efortt. We all now that he tends to conform with things that require little effort.

I think that’s why he compliments rei for his efforts

because he knows now how much it means to rei, who had to work so hard, being acknowledged by one of the most talented swimmers he knows image


and I feel like crying now !!!

also … is really beautiful that in season one rei learned how to swim butterfly  thanks to haruka and now this season he learns how to swim the other strokes thanks to rin ^w^

please forgive my english

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We love you, Rei!

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You’ve really worked hard,haven’t you?

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little things that help ease symptoms of depression:

  • turn the lights on and open a window
  • eat something healthy and drink ice cold water
  • find a comforting album to listen to whenever things get bad
  • take a long, relaxing bath
  • do yourself up in full make up and hair
  • be around people, even if you don’t think it will help
  • watch something funny on netflix
  • wear your favorite/most comfortable outfit
  • immerse yourself in a hobby like drawing
  • lose yourself in a really good book or movie
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Everyone loves Ryugazaki Rei.

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